Gold Bangles with Stones

Shop vibrant and classic gold bangles designs with stones 


Shine and shimmer: Gold Bangles Adorned with Stones


In the realm of handcrafted jewellery, gold bangles hold a special place, symbolizing grace, tradition, and timeless beauty. At CMR Jewellery, we take pride in offering a diverse range of exquisite gold bangles adorned with stones, each piece a testament to craftsmanship, elegance, and sophistication.

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Imminent designs coming together: Gold Stone Bangles


CMR Jewellery’s has a variety of bangles made just for you. The collection also includes exquisitely handcrafted gold stone bangles that resonate with every modern woman. These designs have captured the timelessness of stone bangles gold designs and give you the rich experience of alluring gold with phenomenal gemstones.


Browse through our jubilant collection: CMR Jewellery’s stone gold bangles designs

The collections of gold stone bangles by CMR Jewellery feature different styles and designs. From traditional styles that showcase Indian designs to modern and minimalistic ones, CMR Jewellery’s exquisite designs are crafted just for you.  

Iridescent Classica: The classical gold bangles are always a fan favourite. Hence, CMR Jewellery brings a varied collection of intricate designs for all our classic lovers. If you want a simple stone embellished on your bangle or a cluster of alluring gems, we have it all. This exquisite collection represents beauty at its finest.


Ornate Patterns: For the people who love extravagant jewellery that shows richness yet maintains the elegance of gold, CMR Jewellery’s gold stone bangle design collection harbours intricate patterns. This collection is for people who have an eye for intricate details and designs and who appreciate the craft of making such exquisite bangles just for you.


Modern couture: Modern designs are a testament to the evolution of designs. CMR Jewellery believes in the progress and adoption of new designs. The modernity of our jewels is aesthetically pleasing and an eye capturer. If you are a modern person looking for gold stone bangles that suit your style, come and take a look at CMR Jewellery’s exquisite gold stone bangles collection. These designs are the best accessory for you to make a bold statement.


Keeping Traditions Alive: The rich heritage of India goes hand in hand with different jewellery designs that CMR Jewellery has. To keep the essence of the antique designs of our traditions, CMR Jewellery’s traditional stone bangles gold design collection is a testament to it. 


Everlasting ornaments: The gold stone bangles collection by CMR Jewellery has a diverse range of designs and patterns that suit your taste. The versatility of the latest gold stone bangles designs is the best for daily wear, which captures minimalism with embossed gemstones.


What Jewles go well with gold?


Gold jewellery as a single entity radiates beauty. Adding gemstone patterns makes them look a level higher. CMR Jewellery is a testament to this statement, as you can see in the gold stone bangles. While there are innumerable jewels available, here are a few that will enhance the beauty of your exquisite gold jewellery -


  1. Ruby Gemstones: The combination of red and yellow has always been a fan favourite. Find beautiful Ruby and gold rings for your next big occasion.
  2. Pearl Gemstones: The soothing nature of pearls compliments the sophistication of the gold. Unlock new styles with pearl and gold jewellery.
  3. Diamond Gemstone: Everyone’s favourite combination is the diamond and gold. They are like two peas in a pod. Shop from an excellent collection of stone bangles and gold designs from CMR Jewellery.