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If perfection had a visual representation, it would be none other than this hand-picked collection of gold bangles for women by CMR Jewellery. Fashioned by artisans possessing unparalleled expertise, this array of gold bangles exudes elegance and artistry that speaks volumes. Grace yourself with these exquisite pieces during festivals and special occasions, and experience a sense of fulfilment that's truly unmatched. Adding to the rich culture of Indian tradition, this collection of bangles for women in gold stands as a masterpiece that caters to all.

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Explore our collection now with the lowest VA charges starting at just 3%. From everyday wear gold bangle designs to opulent wedding wear, our diverse range ensures that you'll find yourself spoiled for choice. Offering options across various price ranges, CMR Jewellery's gold bangle collection is a tribute to every woman's desires.


Shop effortlessly online and relish the convenience of having your cherished jewellery delivered straight to your doorstep. With a seamless return/exchange process, we stand ready to assist you in case of any change of heart. Discover the epitome of luxury and sophistication with CMR Jewellery's gold bangles, designed exclusively for you.



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Types of Gold bangles designs available at CMR Jewellery


We cater to the needs of every woman with a vast array of collections that cover daily wear gold bangles to wedding wear gold bangles designs for women. Check out the top three types of gold bangles available for women here at 


  • Antique Gold Bangles: Crafted for those who like to remember age-old traditions, the antique gold bangles designed here at CMR Jewellery are an ode to Indian tradition. Style them with heavy silk sarees or any traditional attire to achieve a royal look. 


  • Daily wear gold bangles for women: To keep you ready on the go every day, our daily wear gold bangles designs for women are made in trending designs to match every outfit. Choose from a range of lightweight models that are sure to last you a lifetime. 


  •  Stone-Studded Gold Bangles: For simple occasions and work wear, choose our exquisite collection of stone-studded gold bangles for women. These elegant designs are sure to complement your style. 




How to Store Gold Bangles for long-lasting shine? 


Gold jewellery needs extra care, and proper storage to ensure a long-lasting shine. Follow these simple tips and tricks that will help maintain the lustre, prevent any damage and prolong the lifespan of your gold jewellery. 



  • Separate storage: Always ensure to store your gold jewellery separately to prevent the tangling. This will also help avoid scratching and damage. Consider using a muslin cloth to separate each piece of jewellery or use individual pouches or jewellery compartments to keep all the chains and earrings organised and protected.


  • Store away from moisture: Humidity and moisture can oxidise or leave a stain on your gold bangles. Always make sure to store them in a dry and cool place away from moisture-prone areas and away from direct sunlight. Do not expose the metal to any extreme temperatures. 


  •  Prevent contact with perfumes/cosmetics: Chemicals used in perfumes and cosmetics can cause discolouration or damage to your gold bangle designs. Prevent using perfumes after wearing your gold chains or earrings to maintain a long-lasting lustre. Make sure to remove your ornaments before entering chlorinated pools or engaging in any water games. 


  •  Handle with care: Make sure to keep your hands clean and dry while handling your gold ornaments. By doing so you can prevent the transfer of dirt, oils or any kind of chemicals that can tarnish your jewellery. Do not forcefully pull or tug on delicate chains, especially the ones with delicate designs. Gently untangle the knots or take them to an expert near you. 


  • Regular maintenance: Due to exposure, dirt, oil and other residues, your gold ornaments can lose their shine over time. Use mild soap, warm water and a soft-bristled brush to clean your gold jewellery from time to time. Thoroughly dry the cleaned ornaments, before storing them to avoid moisture build-up. 


Follow these simple steps at home, to keep your ornaments shiny and long-lasting. You may also bring your gold jewellery to any one of our stores for a re-polish. Shop the latest gold bangles designs for women at CMR Jewellery and enjoy a hassle-free experience of owning gold jewellery.