Rose Gold Bangle

Eloquent gold bangles with a hint of rosy shades: CMR Jewellery 

Skip the line and set the trend with the all-new rose gold bangles collection launched by CMR Jewellery. Uplift every casual look with a simple accessory and be ready to impress the crowd on the go. Adorn your graceful wrists with a collection that was made to create a lasting impression.

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The rose gold bangle collection offers a myriad of options in different price ranges and weights to match your preference and style! Browse the collection today and place your order in a few simple steps. Be rest assured, your order of rose gold bangle bracelet will be delivered safely to your doorstep. 


Our process is completely transparent, allowing you to monitor your order at every stage, from shipping to delivery. Should you need any assistance with your order, our customer care team is available between 8 am and 8 p.m. to provide the help you require. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

If you are looking for unique gifting options, a rose gold bangles set would be your best shot. Check out the collection below. 



Elegant, Stylish and Statement Making: Rose Gold Bangle by CMR Jewellery 



How to Style Rose Gold Bangles?


Though pure gold, yellow gold and antique gold are the most preferred choices among many buyers, especially during the wedding seasons, rose gold bangle sets have brought out a new charm in gold jewellery with their unique hue and elegance. Here are some tips to style rose gold bangles designs to match your style. 


  • Go Solo: To achieve that understated elegance of simplicity, just wear a single statement-making rose gold bangle, and let it do all the talking. 
  • Pair it up: To uplift your look for special occasions, pair your rose gold bangle set with a matching watch and rose gold earrings. 
  • Mix Metals: Go for that bold look with mix-and-match metals. Pair your rose gold bangles set with a yellow gold bangle and stone studded bracelets and achieve that chic look in minutes. 
  • Personalize: Make your jewellery extra unique by adding a touch of your personality. Customize your rose gold bangles set with name, birth year, and birthstone and let it resonate with your style. 


Since preferences and styles vary from person to person, these suggestions are meant to guide you in discovering your individuality. Use these simple tips to elevate your fashion game and exude an air of majestic elegance wherever you go.



What is rose gold made of? 


Rose gold, known for its distinctive pinkish hue, is created by blending pure gold with copper and a touch of silver. This unique alloy gives rose gold its romantic and elegant appearance. The proportions of gold, copper, and silver in the mixture determine the specific shade of rose gold, but in general, it contains a higher percentage of copper compared to yellow or white gold. This higher copper content contributes to its warm and rosy colouration, making it a popular choice in contemporary jewellery design, symbolizing love and sophistication. Rose gold's origins trace back to Russia in the 19th century, where it was initially called "Russian Gold," and it gained widespread popularity, particularly in the United States during the 1920s, for use in engagement rings and fine jewellery.


Therefore, rose gold bangles setsand bracelets become the perfect gifting option for loved ones. With their vivid history and association with romance, surprise your loved one with a unique rose gold bangle bracelet with stores, charms, or personalised with their name and make every moment a golden one with CMR Jewellery. 


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