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Latest Gold Bangle Designs for the Modern Woman 

Discover an extensive range of gold bangle designsmade for contemporary women. Our splendid online assortment showcases creations that echo your style and seamlessly complement your entire wardrobe. Select from a spectrum of choices, spanning from delicate lightweight gold bangle designs to captivating antique pieces, all tailored to your preferences. Our artisans have channelled their skills to curate an unparalleled collection that embodies uniqueness and sophistication, exclusively for your delight.

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With a legacy spanning more than four decades, you can have complete confidence in the customer service provided by CMR Jewellery. Whether it's aiding you in selecting the perfect contemporary fancy gold bangle designs or ensuring seamless delivery to your doorstep, we're dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire online shopping journey. Our goal is to make your experience effortless and stress-free. Furthermore, we offer a convenient exchange and return option if you happen to change your mind.


If you need any additional support, our customer service team is always at your disposal. You're encouraged to reach out within working hours for further assistance or clarifications.

CMR Jewellery is also your one-stop destination for the best gifting options. Surprise your loved ones with the latest gold bangle designs and make every moment a golden one. Begin your exploration on our website today and take advantage of our attractive VA charges, starting at just 3%.


Elegance Redefined – Latest Fancy Gold Bangles Designs 


Top 5 gifting options at CMR Jewellery 


Gifts are a way to encapsulate a special memory. Make every moment a golden one to remember for a lifetime with CMR Jewellery’s trending gifting options. Surprise your loved ones with a meaningful gift next occasion and let us become a part of your happiness. 


  • Elegant Gold Pendants: Gift a touch of timeless elegance with our exquisite gold pendants collection. From intricate designs to minimalist styles, these pendants are versatile pieces that hold sentimental value. 
  • Classic Diamond Earrings: For a touch of sparkle, choose from our collection of classic diamond earrings. Whether studs or hoops, these earrings add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. 
  • Charming Bracelet Sets: Opt for a set of charming gold bracelets that can be stacked or worn individually. Our bracelet sets come in various designs, from dainty to bold, making them perfect for both casual and formal occasions. 
  • Customized Name Necklaces: Add a personal touch with our customized name necklaces. Engrave a loved one's name or a special date on a delicate gold chain, creating a meaningful and memorable gift. 
  • Latest Gold Bangles Designs: Consider gifting the everlasting elegance of gold bangles. Choose from our assortment of modern and traditional designs to make a statement that's sure to be cherished for years to come.


What is 916 Gold? 


The 916 Hallmarkis a symbol of the purity of the metal used in crafting jewellery. In

simple terms, it signifies that 91.6% of the content is pure gold, while the remaining 8.4% comprises other metals such as copper or silver, added to enhance the strength of the ornament. 916 gold is also commonly referred to as 22-karat gold.


CMR Jewellery, a reputable gold jewellery store with over four decades of

experience guarantees the highest quality gold products, ranging from 22 karats to 18 karats. With every purchase, you will receive a certificate that confirms the purity of the gold ornament, providing you with complete assurance in your investment.


Shopping with CMR Jewellery


CMR Jewellery was established with a clear vision, to simplify and secure the process of gold shopping online. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and security, which is why each transaction conducted on our website is both safe and seamless. At CMR Jewellery, we place a strong emphasis on building trust, and we maintain this by upholding a strict policy of transparency throughout your shopping journey.


With every purchase you make, we provide a certification of guarantee on the quality of the gold ornament. This certification serves to assure you of the authenticity of the gold ornament you acquire from our website. Additionally, we offer a straightforward and hassle-free return and exchange policy, with no questions asked.


CMR Jewellery is wholly dedicated to ensuring that every ornament you acquire from us becomes a cherished memory for you and your loved ones. Each gold ornament featured on our website bears the BIS 916 Hallmark, which serves as a testament to its purity and authenticity. Trust CMR Jewellery to make every investment count and turn it into a valuable experience.