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Antique meets Modern Fashion: Silver Jewellery through the lens of Indian Traditions.


All that glitters is not just gold; it can be different metals. In the context of jewellery, the lustre of silver has adorned Indian traditions for centuries. Jewellery has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity among both men and women. Jewellery made out of silver has been a part of Indian traditions since the Mughal Empire. Persian and Turkish jewellery designs have inspired the silver jewellery designs from the Mughal empire. As gold is a versatile metal, so is silver. Silver jewellery designs have transformed into modern designs yet maintain their antiquity. 



What makes Silver jewellery stand out?


The rarity of gold has made jewellery expensive compared to its counterparts, like rose gold, silver, and brass. Silver jewellery has its charm, and the best part is that it is more affordable. CMR Jewellery has made it more accessible for you through the online store, where you can shop and buy silver jewellery online. 


The online silver jewellery store brings you an array of intricate designs which dazzle your outfit for any occasion. The affordability of silver jewellery makes it easier for you to choose from a diverse collection that suits you, and you can explore the different designs of silver jewellery. 



Adorning the gems: Versatility of Silver Jewellery


India has multiple holidays, and during these times, adorning silver jewellery is the best way to celebrate these holidays. While buying silver jewellery online, it is important to check the quality. Jewellers like CMR Jewellery assure pure silver jewellery with intricate designs. 

If you want a modern minimalist design or a maximal statement, CMR Jewellery has it all for you. The silver jewellery collection offers you gemstone-claded jewellery that is chic, elegant, and definitely an eye-catcher. Now that you shop for silver jewellery online, accessibility of which is at your fingertips.


Silver Jewellery at your convenience 


The ease of online shopping has seeped into every sector and type of goods you want. At one time, buying jewellery online was something unexpected, but now we have multiple online stores to buy jewellery from. Buying silver jewellery online cuts many possible middlemen, and you can choose your favourite designs, do research on what kind of silver you want, and so much more in the comfort of your house. So, add another piece of silver jewellery to your collection by buying silver online through our CMR Jewellery virtual store. 



What to consider before buying silver?


Buying silver jewellery can be thrilling and exciting, but you should keep a few things in mind while shopping silver online. 


  • Purity of Silver: The purity of your jewellery can be checked with the hallmark denoted. Sterling silver has around 92.5% of the pure silver while. The remaining 7.5% is comprised of other metals. 
  • Craftsmanship: Silver Jewellery can be accessible everywhere, but the craftsmanship is what makes it stand out. Choosing your style is the most important part. Jewellers like CMR Jewellery offer you a variety of styles that you can explore from quality craftsmanship. 
  • Budget fit for you: Silver jewellery has a huge price range. Choosing your budget before buying any jewellery is a wise thing to do. This will help you narrow down your choices, checking all your boxes before you buy silver jewellery.