Gold Kada Bangles

Embrace the elegance of intricate artistry with CMR’s Gold Kada Bangles


Every special occasion needs a special ornament. Embrace the beauty of tradition and style all together with CMR Jewellery’s new and enticing gold kada bangle designs that have been crafted to perfection by some of the country’s finest artisans. With VA charges starting from just 3%, this is your chance to grab the most stylish and trending gold kada bangles and make a statement everywhere you go.

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At CMR Jewellery, we take pride in offering a wide range of designs, catering to all price ranges, tastes and occasions. From intricate patterns to minimalist designs, our gold kada bangle designs speak sophistication and style, giving you a timeless look. Elevate your ensemble with CMR Jewellery’s exclusive gold Kada bangles that are waiting to adorn your wrists!


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Kada Gold Bangle Designs with a Timeless Splendor



What are kada gold bangles?


Known for their bold and broad design structure, gold kada bangles stand out for their size and intricacy! Encapsulating tradition, a timeless symbol of Indian heritage and style, gold kada bangle sets set a class apart from the normal bangles. They are wide and sturdy and make a statement standalone piece of jewellery that can be adorned with various Indian outfits.


At CMR Jewellery, our Gold Kada Bangle designs have a distinctive charm and are among the best-selling pieces among our loyal customers. Browse through our vast collection and add your favourite gold Kada bangle to the cart for a seamless checkout process.



The Bangle Galore at CMR Jewellery


Explore a dazzling array of bangle designs at CMR Jewellery, where every piece is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and style. Our collection encompasses a diverse range of bangles, each catering to distinct tastes and occasions. Our Gold Kada Bangles stand out as opulent statement pieces for those who appreciate bold elegance. Crafted with precision and adorned with intricate designs, these broad and sturdy bangles redefine traditional ornamentation.


In addition to Kada Gold Bangle designs, our collection features an eclectic mix of options, including delicate diamond-studded bangles, intricately crafted traditional designs, and contemporary minimalist styles. Our commitment to quality ensures that each bangle is a masterpiece, radiating timeless splendour. Whether you seek the regal charm of gold or the sparkle of diamonds, CMR Jewellery offers a curated selection to elevate your jewellery collection. Discover the perfect bangle to complement your unique style, making every moment adorned with the grace and grandeur of CMR Jewellery.



Top 5 Storage Tips for Kada Gold Bangle Designs


  • Ensure your gold Kada bangle sets are stored in a box with
  • individual compartments to shield them from dust and moisture exposure.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals like perfumes that can cause your
  • jewellery to lose its shine.
  • When cleaning your kada bangle designs in gold, use a damp cloth
  • with mild soap only when necessary, and make sure to thoroughly dry it before
  • storing it.
  • Keep your gold jewellery, including gold kada bangle sets
  • separate from other metals like silver and platinum to prevent potential damage. 
  • For a radiant and lasting glow, bring your bangle kada designs
  • in gold to any of our stores for a timely polish.



What is 916 Gold?


916 gold, also known as 22-karat gold, denotes a gold alloy composition of 91.6% pure gold and 8.4% other metals. The number 916 signifies the purity percentage, making it a popular choice for crafting fine jewellery. This gold standard balances durability with the intrinsic value of pure gold, resulting in jewellery that boasts a rich golden hue and stands the test of time.


CMR Jewellery exclusively utilizes 916 gold in its creations, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. This commitment to purity provides customers with confidence when buying gold online. With every online purchase, CMR Jewellery provides a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity and purity of the gold, reinforcing a transparent and secure shopping experience. Trust in the radiance of 916 gold from CMR Jewellery, where each piece is a reflection of uncompromising quality and timeless beauty.