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Embrace positivity with elegant black beads gold chain designs from CMR 


Apart from carrying the significance of the beautiful bond called marriage, black beads embody a multitude of characteristics such as protection, positivity and divinity. It is believed that the black beads chain or mangalsutram / mangalsutra signifies the bond between Lord Shiva and his wife Parvathi. While the gold symbolises Goddess Parvathi, the black beads are an embodiment of Lord Shiva. Widely worn by women in the Hindu culture, the black beads chain is said to protect a married couple from negative energies and keep the bond between the two strong and healthy. 

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Apart from their cultural significance, the black beads chains are popular for their style quotient. The elegant layering of beads paired with statement pendants upsell your outfits for any occasion. CMR Jewellery has a wide range of black beads gold chain designs that range from daily wear to party wear. From small black beads, and multi-coloured beads to the latest and trending designs, you can find the perfect black beads chain that suits your style. 

Let positivity flow into your life with the best quality black beads from CMR Jewellery. Click here to know more. 


Black, bold and stylish – CMR’s Black Bead Gold Chain Designs 




Is it safe to buy gold jewellery online?


As a new phase of shopping jewellery online is taking shape globally, one of the most important questions that need assurance is whether it is safe to buy gold jewellery online. We at CMR ensure your order is carefully packed and sealed. We ensure all the necessary certificates of proof are attached, before shipping. Your order is then shipped to your delivery address with a tracking number, to help you overlook each step of the process. CMR also has a round-the-clock customer care service, to help you with any issues regarding your online orders. Rest assured, you can easily order your favourite black beads gold chain or any other ornament of your choice online at and enjoy a hassle-free delivery process. 


What is 916 Gold?


916 Hallmark signifies the purity of the metal used to make jewellery. It simply means, 91.6% of the content is pure gold while 8.4% consists of other metals like copper or silver added to strengthen the ornament. 916 gold is also referred to as 22-karat gold. 

CMR Jewellery is a certified dealer in gold ornaments with over 40 years of experience. We guarantee you the purest quality gold ranging from 22 karats to 18 karats. Every purchase will be provided with a certificate signifying the purity of the gold ornament, assuring you of your purchase. 


How to style Black Beads?


The versatility of this gold chain has transcended boundaries and is today a fashion statement for many. It pairs well with traditional outfits like sarees and also makes your Western outfits look elegant. Invest in a long and short chain that can be used to keep your occasion looks simple and classy. 


Saree: Wear a long black beads chain with a heavy diamond pendant for simple home-bound occasions or even to a friend’s wedding. This classic look keeps it simple yet elegant and stylish. 


Kurta: Pair heavy earrings with a simple black beads chain and a small pendant. This look will keep the attention towards your dress while, subtly decorating your neckline. 

Western Wear: Pair a single-line black beads gold chain with a stone pendant and style it with your Western outfits for that modern and chic look. You can also layer it with longer chains to create some grandeur. 



At CMR, we offer you everything from simple, multi-colour, lightweight to classic black beads gold chain designs, with intricate craftsmanship. Shop the online store and get your favourite ornament delivered straight to your home