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The exquisite gold chain collection: Radiate with the beauty of a gold chain made just for you.


The grandness of Indian jewellery is captured through different types of jewellery designs, yet the simplicity of this jewellery juxtaposed with its grandeur can be seen at CMR Jewellery. Gold chains have been a symbol of prosperity and elegance in Indian traditions. CMR Jewellery captures this essence and brings you an exclusive collection of gold long chain designs. 



A journey of exploring different designs: Latest long chain designs gold


CMR Jewellery understands the essence of long gold chain designs in the context of Indian traditions; hence, we bring you many collections of various styles from which you can choose. The grace captured by the different gold long chain designs is perfect for you and your loved ones. 


For the modern woman: New model gold long chain designs 


The essence of modernity is that designs evolve. For a modern woman, comfort triumphs over grandeur. CMR Jewellery brings together these two needs and gives you the latest gold long chain designs to choose from. The collection contains a variety of designs that will enhance your outfits, whether they are formal work wear or for a dinner date. 


Captivating the South Indian essence: Gold long chain designs inspired by South India 


CMR Jewellery is based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The essence of South Indian designs is deeply rooted in the designs of CMR Jewellery. Embark on South India’s traditional journey with us and witness the beautiful designs that have weaved many stories for you to wear. The collection harbours a multitude of gold long chain designs from South India. These designs can be traced back to the different dynasties that ruled the South and brought in various art and cultural activities in their era. 


Artifacts of Indian Jewellery: CMR Jewellery captures authenticity 



Gold long chain models: Evolving with the traditional 


While gold chains are symbolically traditional in many cultures across India, modern times have added their own flair to the jewellery. The long gold chain collection at CMR Jewellery takes you on a journey to see these carious designs unfold. From minimalistic single long chains to the intricate weaving of the gold long chain designs, they capture the marriage of the traditional with the modern. 


If you are looking for pieces specifically for daily wear, CMR Jewellery gives you the option of lightweight gold long chain designs that can enhance all your outfits simultaneously. The variety of gold long chain designs is innumerable, so it is the best collection for choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones. These chains are made for all age groups as their simplistic nature can enhance the beauty of humans. 


How can you style a gold long chain on a daily basis?


Gold long chains are the easiest to style. They are very versatile while they maintain sophistication. This depends on your chosen design, but a gold long chain can enhance any outfit.

  • Using beige and black as office wear will help you accentuate the gold in the chain. It will give you a sophisticated look. You can experiment with different colours and see what suits your chain.
  • Layering. By layering gold chains with other necklaces, you are amplifying the beauty of the gold chain. Gold chains can beautify the outfit by itself and with other accessories.
  • Length. Mentioning gold long chain invokes multiple lengths of the chain. This length is subjective and depends from person to person. Hence, explore your options at CMR Jewellery to find the perfect length and width you desire.